Monday, February 27, 2006


Back in the saddle again. Had a great weekend with "the friend" - thanks for asking.

Unfinished business:

- Safeway. Not that exciting of a story. Went to the store my first night here in suburban Cowtown and ran up a ridiculous bill. Like, too-close-to-$200-for-my-comfort ridiculous. Granted, the total was pushed up by the razor blades and the fifth of Bushmills I bought, but still...

And, the greatest reason why I spent so much money? I didn't figure it out until I got home: the store didn't recognize my Safeway Club card, which cheated me out of $25. I was pretty pissed. But, the next day, I went back and they actually gave me the money back. So...Safeway is off my shit list.

- Rehearsal. Kind of a revolving door at this point. We haven't had the whole cast together yet. I know that this theater is smaller than the one I worked with in Steak City, but come on! Fortunately, I know that the director does great work, and the cast seems like it's pretty solid. Still, I am a bit nervous. I'm going to be working a lot harder in this production than in the previous one, and I hope that it all comes out all right.

Off to dinner with the owners of the guest house, in the mansion. This weekend my friend and I discovered the hot just gets better and better...maybe they'll serve me filet mignon...

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Melissa said...

Hot tub? Bow chicka bowowwwww!