Saturday, February 04, 2006

who am i? (what's my name?)

Bonus points if you can tell me whose song title I just ripped off.

So...I'm thinking about changing my handle. Several reasons. Most importantly, there are some people in the world who shouldn't read this. I've learned during this show that I have really wanted to talk about some people, but I'm afraid that they still might be able to find me.

And...when I made this blog, I didn't really think that I would be using it, so I really didn't put any thought into what to call myself. (Or the blog, for that matter, although I love my site, and I really love abbreviating it and calling it F&G.)

SO...I'm thinking about leaving K Lance behind. Of course, you're still welcome to call me that.

The million dollar question, then, is what to call myself?

I'm more than willing to accept suggestions, although, of course, I will make the final decision. The early frontrunner is "SupaStar", for two reasons: one, I'm trying to embrace a positive mindset towards my career; two, it's currently the message on my cell phone.

Let me know what you think, peeps.

And root for the Steelers t'm'row! (technically, today...)


Miss Fire said...

Oooo oooo - I know! (raising hand and squirming) Isn't it a Snoop Dog song? I don't know the name of it, tho.

Since I don't know much about you, I really can't suggest anything. But I completely understand about the positive image thing. That's why I changed my blog template and the little message below my name.

SupaStar sounds good to me! You could spell it SupahStah, just for kicks???

Good luck to your Steelers!

The Rover said...

Snoop is correct - off his first album, Doggystyle. You are the your prize...

Miss Fire said...

How about a few more hours sleep? ;-)

krisbtterfly said...

pardon my interruption, but after happening upon your blog from ol' melissa's (don't let her know i called her that), i figured i would throw in a few suggestions in addition to the SupaStar that you've already been working on:

(all snoop)

or if none of those strike you maybe you could go for...

(although it takes quite a man to pull one of these handles off)

best of luck to you and your search for a new name!

P.S. nice to meet you (sort of). (and in sort of, i mean i'm sort of meeting you, not it's sort of nice). lol

DH said...

As far as names go, I can't agree with SupaStar...I can't help but thinking of Molly Shannon's character on SNL.

SO....what about...

Drama (like the guy on Entourage)
NBT (Next Big Thing)
Kid Role

I'm just grasping at straws now. Good luck!