Monday, February 06, 2006

the day after

Thanks to everybody for the Super Bowl props. They've been coming in from all over today - even from the one person that I wanted to hear from most (who hates football with a passion). I always find it slightly weird that a sporting event can affect people's moods so much. Still, I have to say that the sun looks a little brighter today.

Please excuse the following sports-related rant:

There are a lot of columnists whining today about how bad calls cost the Seahawks the game. I admit that the officiating left a LOT to be desired (as it has all year), but you still have to win the game on the field. The Seahawks had their opportunities, and they squandered them. The Steelers capitalized on their opportunities. True champions overcome adverse conditions. The Steelers did that all year long.

Okay, rant over...non-sports fans can come back now.

Two weeks left in Steak City, and there's a host of things I want to do. One of my hobbies here is sampling "steak", the food that Steak City is famous for. I've been going to all the best "steak" restaurants in town, usually on Mondays (my day off), and today will be no different. There's also a museum that I REALLY REALLY want to go to, and I've got to investigate the hours and make some time for that.

I've also got to start really watching my budget. I've been pretty good so far, but I spent a lot of money this weekend, and the job in Cowtown is going to pay a bit less than this one. And then, of course, after Cowtown I'm currently looking at three months of unemployment. Anyone wanna be my patron? Or my sugar mama?

Time to get out of my pajamas...


April said...

If I had the money, honey...;)

Melissa said...

I'm so sock of people saying that bad calls made us win. If the bad calls outnumbered the touchdowns, then perhaps I could see their point... but as it stands, that's not the case. Wankers.

Sugar mama - I'll keep my eye out. Hell, both eyes. You need to get one so we can hang out at swanky bars this summer and not have to worry about getting happy hour prices or "pre-funking" before we leave the house.

Melissa said...

You know I meant sick. Sick of... ugh