Thursday, February 09, 2006

kids suck (except for yours, of course)

We had to do a show just for students this morning at 10am. Acting that early does NOT go over well with professional actors, let me tell you. And it was even worse because of the little brats' behavior. Talking and whispering, hooting and hollering at the romantic scenes, breaking out into spontaneous applause towards the end of the play anytime a character said anything...I was totally disgusted. Of course, you expect a little squirminess from adolescents (they are, after all, hormones with eyeballs and feet) but this was ridiculous. It makes you wonder why you do it, quite frankly.

Thankfully, we had a great audience tonight, so I'm not going to quit my job anytime soon.

So...going back to the alma mater on Sunday afternoon. I'm helping with an alumni project, so I'll be in meetings all day Monday, which also means that I'll be flying all of Sunday evening and Tuesday morning - in fact, I have to do another stupid student show that morning, so I'll probably be waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning. SO...I basically don't have a weekend. And, considering that I travel to Cowtown next Monday, and start work the following day, I've got three straight weeks of nonstop action. Nice work, Mr. Genius.

Still soliciting name suggestions...


April said...

I like "SupaStar"...'cause we all know you're gonna be one.

Can I say that I "knew you when..."??


An A-List Celebrity said...

As you are still soliciting suggestions, I assume SupaStar isn't just leaping out af your as "the one."

Therefore I have provided you with the following list of names that I think you should consider:

Senor Peppercorn
Charles R. Gibbons III
Jennifer Blevins
Lance 3000
I.M. Betterthanu
The Black Lantern

Melissa said...

Ooh oooh! I love love looooooooove The Black Lantern. It's hilarious! Plus, with that name you could also be a superhero. Superheros are cool.

L. Britt said...

I like Senor Peppercorn.

April said...

oh..and, hey! i linked you...hope it's ok.

Bright-Eyes said...

I think your new name should be "Slapmyass"

what do you think?

The Rover said...

B-E, I could say something pretty dirty...but I won't.

Senor Peppercorn is interesting. So is The Black Lantern. And I kind of like Mr. Genius. Maybe I'll have a run-off...