Thursday, February 16, 2006

"do you know what the worst STD is? CHILDREN!"

Thanks for the kind words, folks. The depth of my despondency (as if the events weren't enough) had a lot to do with lack of sleep. I got virtually no sleep Monday night, stayed up all day Tuesday, and didn't get enough sleep that night. So I wasn't in any position to deal with any kind of stress.

We've got a crazy schedule this week - student matinees Tuesday through Friday, meaning we play in front of 600 kids (yuk!) at ten in the morning (double yuk!). Then, after each show (filled with sarcastic clapping and text-messaging galore), we have a talkback with some of the students.

And, lately, the kid has been on fire.

He answers questions about whether or not actors should take classes, lies about how behind in school he is, and tells rambling stories about skits he and his sister used to do "when they were kids". When the cast was asked whether or not we were inspired by anyone to get into acting, he replied, "Dave Chappelle".

The rest of us have all decided that he's totally gonna get beat up once he goes to high school - he's one of those kids who can't help but tell you that he's smarter than you, and he's so fucking smug about it you just want to punch him in the face. How this kid comes from such a sweet family, I have no idea. He is who my friend's dad referred to when he said that children were the worst STD known to man.

(I know that it sounds terrible that I'm directing such venom towards an eleven year old, but you've really got to see it to believe it.)

One other thing - I'm going to be on TV Friday morning! I'll be on some Steak City morning news show. Full details t'm'row...


Melissa said...

It's already TOMORROW!!! We've all been waiting patiently for the details of the Steak City local news show! A-hem.

bellacara said...

Thought I would just stop by and say hi to you for a change!!