Friday, February 03, 2006

happy blog-o-versary!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear friedcatfishandcollardgreens...
Happy birthday to you!

That is correct, I've been blogging for a year. So please excuse the excessive back-patting coming from Steak City. I've always been sporatic when it comes to writing (my journals bear that evidence), so it's good for me to have another place to do it.

I wanted to do something special for the occasion, and since I can't buy all of you a round of shots, I decided that I'd do one of those huge "'bout me" posts. So...if you're interested, learn more about K Lance below.

And, speaking of that...I'm thinking about changing my handle. I'll get into that this weekend - I'm going to need distractions from the Super Bowl. A little over 48 hours away...


L. Britt said...

Happy Anniversary! It must be nice to have something so consistent in your life when you're moving around so much. It's been a pleasure to learn about you this way.

C-Marie said...


Lewis said...

Happy blogiversary! Mine will be one year old tomorrow. Next thing I know, it'll be dating, getting its driver's license.

Ugh. Just had a bad thought. College tuition. Yikes!

DH said...

Dude...first things first...GO STEELERS!!!

And happy blogiversary and all that...I'll find a way to buy you a shot sometime...what's your poison?

Try not to have a heart attack tomorrow ok???