Sunday, January 29, 2006

"When it comes to the ladies, K Lance doesn't discriminate"

I'm hungry. I'm always hungry after a show, and I actually just scarfed down four chicken wings from Popeye's (which I never eat - still on that healthy diet I talked about so long ago, for the most part). That didn't do it, so I was thinking about heading over to The Cheesecake Factory and ordering something apple-flavored (dumpling or crisp) for dessert - I'm a sucker for apple pie and all of its derivatives - but they closed at 11. So, either I'm having another cup of cocoa, or I have to drive to the 24-hour grocery to satisfy my sugar fix. Neither sounds very good right now.

So, the other night, I had the "conversation" with one of my castmates. This generally happens when I become friends with a Black woman. The conversation goes something like this:

- Sorry, text/message/call from (insert K Lance's female friend's name here). You were saying?

- Mmmmhmmm. you ever date black women?

And then we're off to the races. (haha - sorry, couldn't resist)

Here's the deal. I'm Black (if you're reading this blog, you probably knew that). I grew up in the suburbs, in a town that was 95% white. So, if I was going to have any kind of dating life at all, I basically had to date outside of my race. My parents weren't thrilled with the idea at first - at one point my mother told me that I "better not be bringing any lil' white girls home" - but they eventually came to realize that my brother and I didn't have any other options.

Long story short (and yes, this would be an extremely long story if I took you along every step of my thought process), I don't have a problem dating outside of my race. I believe love is blind. All things considered, I hope that my future wife is a Black woman, but I'm more concerned with finding someone who loves me for me, who treats me with respect, who loves the Steelers, etc. My brother is getting married this summer, and his fiancee is white, and I can't imagine a couple more perfect for each other.

Anyway, I wound my way through the conversation, and was very happy that my castmate was willing to listen to my point of view - she didn't jump down my throat, or make fun of me, or anything else. I mean, she still wants me to date Black women (and may help me make a connection in the future), but she respects where I'm coming from. So we're cool.

Lots more to write about, but I can't shoot my wad all at once.


Melissa said...

Oh, K. As much as we ("we" being your friends from various parts of your life) pick on you for your penchant for blondes it's all in fun. Anyone who knows you knows that you just plain dig chicks. Women are cool, and if you found a purple one who was cute you'd like her, too.

And no, I have not reconciled myself to the fact that your bro is getting married. What the hell are we doing with ourselves...

April said...

I agree that love is blind...or at least it should be.

The Rover said... ex'g'friend's fav color was purple...