Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Living in a hotel room and not being called to work leaves me a lot of time to watch television. And, though the experience pales to my old Moxi box in the Sleepy Hamlet, I still find some decent stuff on the boob tube every now and then. For instance, my favorite comic strip in the world, The Boondocks, is now part of the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network. Pretty funny show - black family living in the 'burbs, trying to adjust. Hmmm...why does this sound so familiar? Anyway, the show is worth checking out, and the strip is absolutely brilliant. Let me know what you think.

I also keep seeing an old classmate of my on the tube. First it was on some MTV show, then a commercial, and tonight it was on Law & Order (along with another woman I acted with several years ago). Amazing. She only went to my school for one semester, and I didn't know her that well, but I never would have expected her to become an actor. Of course, I never thought that I'd be doing this for a living, either.

That's it for now. My one-year blogging anniversary is approaching...I'll have to do something special...suggestions are welcome...

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Melissa said...

Do sort of a retrospective - what you still have left to check off your "life list", things you've accomplished, how far you've come in a year... that's what I'm doing. I think it's funny that we both started blogging in Feb. of last year. I've gone back and read mine from the beginning and it was really interesting to see what was going on in my life a year ago and 6 months ago, and 3 months ago, and yesterday.

Man, people you know on TV. It's weird, isn't it? That'll be you. My dad still thinks you should be on SNL. Seriously. He brings it up fairly frequently for someone who hasn't seen my HS buds in 10 yrs.