Monday, January 23, 2006

the case of the unreturned phone call's something I don't get.

I met a young lady a few weeks ago - I was shopping for pants and she was the lovely sales associate. She was obviously flirting with me - touching my legs and telling me that my ass looked good in the jeans, etc. So, as I was completing my transaction, I asked for her phone number. She gave it to me.

I called her several days later, asking about her weekend plans. She said that she couldn't hang out this weekend because she had a friend in town, but that I should call her again because she really wanted to hang out. I call five or six days later - get her machine - leave a message and my phone #.

No response.

About a week later I call again, leave a brief message and phone #.

No response.

I'm not really inclined to call again, though I did think she was pretty hot, because I kind of get the hint. What I don't get is...why did she give me her number in the first place? Why not just say, "I have a boyfriend," or, "I don't go out with guys I meet at work." Either would have been perfectly considerate, even if they were lies.

I just get annoyed when people don't communicate with me. And I guess the biggest thing for me is that because I really don't know anyone in Steak City, it's much more important for me to meet cool people than for me to score. You know what I mean? So...even if she had agreed to hang out, it wouldn't have necessarily meant that I would have jumped her bones.

Oh well. At least I have the Steelers. They'll never leave me. ;-)


Lewis said...

I may have an answer. Or if not an answer, maybe just a little insight that might shed a little light on the situation. I'll phrase it in the form of a question:

Did the item for which you were shopping at the time you met this now-absent member of the opposite sex have anything to do with your previous post?

If so, she may have been a little alarmed at your pantslessness when you first entered the story. Women are funny that way sometimes.

Lewis said...

Uh...that should read "entered the store." Must remember to proof before hitting the post button.

An A-List Celebrity said...

Dude, don't call her again.


She probably got married on a whim right after she met you. That happens a lot. Soon she be looking for an annullment and trying to find your number.

April said...

I don't know what to tell you...sounds like an idiot to me! ;)

Melissa said...

Yes, idiot. Tarty idiot. She's either had the week from hell and has been absent from everything, in which case she'll call you soon and profusely apologize. Or, more likely, she's a tarty idiot.

krisbtterfly said...

i think she's one of those women that is in some kind of relationship with a guy, but accepts numbers on a whim because she's always on the lookout for something better. if she can't return your first message that you left, then it's not worth the effort. good luck. maybe next time you should try another store.

The Rover said...

Well, that store won't be MAC. See my next post...

Bright-Eyes said...

It's so not a big deal This happens all the time. She probably changed her mind after the fact. Whatever, who cares, you don't even know her, que no?

i don't think she is an idiot, though.

I don't give my number out. if a guy asks me for it, I ask him for his card.

But M might be right too, she could be MIA, and she may call you and apologize.

Or maybe she saw you buying make-up and freaked out.