Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm ready for my close-up

There are many parts of being an actor that I like: telling stories, travel, free time and an ever-changing schedule (today, for instance, I woke up at noon). However, there is one thing that I will never ever get used to.

Buying make-up.

It just doesn't really make you feel like a man, know what I'm saying? And I'm pretty secure with my sexuality. But any time you're talking about foundation and Makes me want to run out and eat some meat, drink some beer, and have sex with a couple of women. Immediately.

And the sales people don't help, either. I went into MAC, which apparently makes great make-up, and the three ladies and one man behind the counter were all looking at me like, "what the hell is he doing here?" So of course I'm fumbling with my words, and I feel like I have to tell them that I'm an actor so they won't think that I'm a total idiot. Ick.

Anyway, I got my make-up, so now I can do the show and look pretty. Whoopee.


The Bird Man said...

I don't think just "a couple of women" will do the trick need 4 or 5 minimum...and the makeup stigma will be best erased if you "do" the women in pairs. For clarification, I don't mean "do" their makup. Good Luck with that.

Stef said...

Well I think this is a pretty funny thing and I wish, GOD I wish, I was at that MAC counter with you. Cuz I know we'd be laughing our asses off. Probably because you'd make me buy the makeup for you and the woman would look at me and be all..."girl, this shade may be too dark for you." and I'd say, "leave me alone bitch, just sell me the damn shit."