Thursday, January 12, 2006

"I'm so mad I could just spit"

Up late and pissed because the DVD player on my computer isn't worth shite. It keeps stopping and starting, and there's no way I can watch a movie through that.

(The title is a phrase my mom uses when she's upset.)

I've been planning to buy a new laptop sooner rather than later, and I was going to make the switch to Apple, but now they've introduced these new faster computers, and I don't want to buy old & busted and miss out on the new hotness. What's a boy to do?

Guess I'm just going to go to bed with my movie jones unsatisfied. Looks like I wasted $13 - you're welcome, Hollywood Video.


Lady Wyntir said...

Apple laptops are for LIFE!!! Take advantage now because the old models are probably on sale... and you can always trade it in later.

Besides, you don't want to get a computer that's too new - even Apples have bugs now.

Enjoy! I have the 12" myself. Luf it little! ^_^


DH said...

Have you tried running one of those cleaner discs through it? Maybe the optics are just fucked up.