Thursday, February 10, 2005

showin' some moxi

My bad at not mentioning that Conor linked me too, on his fine political blog Left Whorled. You should check it out. So I now officially give a shout out to Conor.

The nice people at Charter Cable came over this morning and installed my digital video recorder (or DVR). DVR is a poor man's TiVo, and it's life changing. My DVR is called Moxi, and I think I love her. Tonight I recorded two things at the same time. Between Moxi and my new iPod, I think I've died and gone to tech heaven.

It must be tremendously odd to be in your sixties or seventies and see all of this new technology around you everywhere you look. I can't imagine what kind of stuff we're going to see in 2050. Hopefully they will have developed something that will make me look like a 21 year old again...I'll probably need it by then.

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An A-List Celebrity said...

Dear K. Lance,

Do not try to bring Moxi in the bed with you. Trust me, you will regret it.