Sunday, May 25, 2008

out and about in Fox City

in my brother's car

MY BROTHER: So this must be the cool spot of Fox City. The traffic is terrible and all these people are acting the fool.

ME: Yeah. Look at those people in line for something. What is that?

MY SISTER-IN-LAW: It looks like a premiere. That's why they're all in front of that board.


ME: Um, does that guy's shirt have sequins on it?

MY BROTHER: Yeah - what is that?

ME: Um, it's the state of New Jersey.



The Rover said...

No disrespect to the citizens of the great state of New Jersey (at least, not from me - I can't speak for my brother). I just found it funny that someone's idea of dressing up for some kind of premiere was a jacket over a t-shirt that has a sequined state of NJ. That's just tacky.

une petite chose said...

i am so ashamed of my state right now