Wednesday, May 07, 2008

not a good sign

via text message

FRIEND OF ROVER: Hey what ya doin 2 nite? I have an extra ticket to opening night of (her play)

ME: I'm coming! They set aside a bunch of tickets for us. So I'll see you at the opening party...break legs...

FRIEND OF ROVER: Thanks dont have any expectations! It is ...fine

see comments for explanation

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The Rover said...

So that this is less confusing:

One of my Sleepy Hamlet friends is also doing a show in Fox City. We're working at the same theater - but she didn't know that. So she thought she was being all generous in offering me her extra comp - and then was really confused at how I got tickets (and a little miffed that I refused her offer). But I saw her at the after party and we cleared everything up.

Oh yeah. The play sucked. My friend was pretty good, though.