Thursday, May 08, 2008

so fresh so clean

Doing a lot of physical work for this production, so I'm kind of sore. Mostly shoulders and calves (which is strange, because I have the largest calves in the universe - remind me to show you a picture of them sometime). It's two hours a day, so it's more than enough to work up a good lather.

And the pollen count here has been off the charts. My eyes were burning all day yesterday. I try not to rub them (especially after getting hit in one of them) but sometimes I can't help it.

As a result of this, I'm taking two showers a day. I feel a bit bad about wasting the water - but it makes me feel SO much better. Right now I'm in the lobby, and I've still got that fresh shower feeling. It feels so nice at this time of evening.

Off to surf the net - damn this accursed building for not giving me internet access in my room!

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DH said...

Johnny Drama would have calf-envy of you!