Monday, May 19, 2008

i generally assume she's checking up on me

via text message

LIL' BIT: Hey is the swordmanship?

ME: Hi! So far so good...although [the lead] 2nd I both sprained nt ankles. His is worse... Anyway, we haven't fought together in a week.

LIL' BIT: Crap! RICE. :-D nice break though...a chick is out of my show with a sprained ankle too. I think she is back next week.

ME: Mine feels pretty good right now. How are things for you? Settling into the run?

LIL' BIT: Yes. It is great. About to start acting class...

ME: Hope it goes well...give me a ring sometime...

LIL' BIT: I will...any good times?

ME: you mean, with the ladies? Um, no. You?

LIL' BIT: I actually meant good times to call you. :-)

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The Rover said...

We ended up having a lovely phone conversation, in which she revealed to me that she's been dating someone for two months. And, quite frankly, I think that's great. (And I'm a bit relieved.)