Sunday, May 04, 2008

a glitch in the matrix

So I'm in my place in Fox City. "Corporate apartments", supposedly. It's pretty old, actually - sixties-style place, old-school sink and fixtures, very conservative decor (a framed picture of flowers is the idea of high art here).

But the tragedy?

No internet.

They have wireless in the lobby, but that's it.

How am I supposed to consistently regale you with stories of the crazy times I'm having in the FC? I mean, seriously? And what kind of "corporate apartment" doesn't come with internet in the rooms? I don't expect them to be all rewired and stuff, but at least they could buy half a dozen routers and sprinkle them all around the building.

So, unless the situation changes, I'm afraid you're going to be in for a whole month of notebook-to-computer posts. I've got some free time tomorrow, so I'm going to try and fill in the previous paper-and-picture posts. Then you can have something to read.

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