Thursday, March 01, 2007

working boy

I'm exhausted. Four straight days of running on six hours of sleep or less. A couple of friends were going to a play tonight and I would have liked to go, but there was NO way my eyes would have stayed open. I'm yawning my head off now, as I type this.

The other reason why I am so tired is because I have been working all week. Like, real jobs. Just this week alone I have:

- been a reader for auditions

- worked as a proofreader

- "acted" as a sick patient for med students

- helped a business pack up shop in preparation for a move

- taught a college-level acting class.

Always good to pick up some cash!

The proofreading gig is going to be a part-time job for the foreseeable future. I've also picked up another part-time gig at a musical venue doing front-of-house-type stuff. And the business wants me to work as an administrative assistant for a week while some of their people are on vacation.

The only negative to all of this is that I'll have to give up my unemployment, since these jobs are legit, which is a bummer more for the future than right now. But, it does look like I should be able to pay the rent! So that's a plus.

A bit of food, and then I'm making this one an early night...

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