Saturday, March 10, 2007

i'm thinking about it again...

You know how some people always seem to have ex-girlfriends or boyfriends they always go back to?

(I've actually got a couple of those.)

LA is that way for me.

I'm pretty frustrated here in NY, partly because it's pilot season and I haven't been on a single audition of consequence, partly because most of the jobs that I've missed on this year have been because I look too young.

So...if I'm not going on auditions for film and TV, and I'm between age ranges in theater...what, exactly, am I doing here?

Maybe I just need a new agent.

Maybe I need to work harder - socialize, send out more mailings, self-submit myself. (All of which I plan to start doing this month.)

But...maybe...I need to make a bigger change.

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