Thursday, March 01, 2007

TV melancholy

I love "Scrubs". It's one of my favorite shows on TV. Totally my kind of humor.

(Though tonight's episode pissed me off because it was a clip show. And not only was it a total copout, like most clip shows, they acknowledge throughout the show that 1. it was a clip show, and 2. clip shows suck.)

Fortunately, it's on in syndication, which means I can watch it five times a day. And sometimes, when I have the day off and nothing to do, I watch all five. 12, 12:30, 7, 7:30, and midnight.

I just watched the late one on the Fox affiliate (to wash the taste of the clip show out of my mouth), and they showed the episode entitled "My Nightingale". Probably second or third season. It's one of my favorites. Ted has his doo-wop group singing TV theme songs.

They sing the theme to "Charles In Charge".

It makes me sad.

Why is that?


So Gone Over You said...

I so love Scrubs... and Charles in Charge.

April said...

i love scrubs, too. :)

don't know why it makes you sad...because you miss scott baio?? or the 80s? heh.

Melissa said...

Ah Scrubs.

I want Charles in charge of me.

"My days and my nights..." ever notice how dirty that theme song is all these years later.