Sunday, January 28, 2007

working boy?

I know that this post probably isn't going to engender any fact, it's probably going to make you hate me a little bit. But it's my blog, and I need to get it off my chest, so here goes.

After a careful review of my finances, I have decided that it may be in my best interests to temp full-time. Meaning that it is very possible that, unless something drastic changes in the next week or so, I'm going to have to work a 9 to 5.

I'm not very good at doing that. I really hate temping, actually. I wish that I could be happy working in an office 40 hours a week - it would make some things in my life a lot easier. So...I'm not sure about this.

What makes me even more frustrated is that I was thisclose to landing a couple of shows in the past few weeks that would have paid me fairly well for at least eight weeks. One was a high profile project (in which, during the callback, I gave the audition of my life, and when I walked out of that room I was certain that they were going to choose me...unfortunately, I think I was the first person they saw that day...).

I'm hoping that this temping thing would only last me a couple of months. I think that bartending would suit me and my lifestyle fairly well, and hopefully I can make some steps to get a job doing that. I'll keep you posted...

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Wyn said...

why would we hate you for temping? make it something incredibly exciting... like data entry. hahahaha

you gotta make money in the interim somehow.

good luck!