Wednesday, January 17, 2007

pick me a lady

A funny list that I found, entitled "Who Should Justin Timberlake Date Next?" Perhaps we should swap out the words "Justin Timberlake" and insert "The Rover", huh?

Check out the list here and let me know who is right for Justin...and for me. (I think it's a toss-up between Ro and Scarlett.)


Bright-Eyes said...

um. Ew. I can't imagine any of them. Of course I think they all look pretty much the same. Rosario is brown, but that is just about the only difference.

Where are the real pretty people, like.. India Arie, or Lauren Hill? Nia Long? Gabrielle Union?

The Rover said...

Lauryn is crazy, so she's out. I could get down with Gabby U. Or Nia Long...who's apparently dating YAO MING. Now that's crazy!