Sunday, January 21, 2007

sick day

I'm sick.

I'm hoping that it's just a cold, but it's developed from a nasal drip (Friday) to sinus pressure/congestion + runny nose (Saturday) to congestion + cough (today). I'm really hoping that it doesn't develop into any kind of sinus infection.

(And, of course, I get sick two weeks after my health insurance decides to take a three month break. Perfect.)

Generally, I'm a pretty big baby while I'm sick. And I did do a great deal of laying around yesterday.

But I also managed to be super-productive! I got all of the following done:

- rearranged my room
- unpacked two giant boxes of stuff (mailed from Cowtown)
- put clothes in my new canvas wardrobe
- partially set up my bookshelf
- downloaded the first four episodes of 24 (thanks to my iTunes credit)
- built a second giant wardrobe that was supposed to be broken (I have no closets in my space, hence the need for two)

So now I'm feeling more "moved-in". And I'm feeling a bit less under the weather, too. Not well enough for my liking, but still...

Off to my brother's to watch football.

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