Wednesday, January 24, 2007

DC update

Small - nothing major to report.

I oscillated all day about what I was going to do - call and gush, play it cool, do something in between... I'm not usually this indecisive - I think that the rush of auditions and the lack of sleep were affecting my judgement.

Then, at five, she sent me a text message.

We said we had a good time, etc. I told her that I would call this weekend, and she responded positively. So now I have a few days to think over my next move.

Off to prep for the last huge audition of the week, and then (blessedly) bed.

1 comment:

L. Britt said...

That's fantastic! Now that you know the deal, let her know your deal. You don't want any relationship to be based on game-playing. You don't feel "cool" about her, so don't play it cool.