Monday, January 15, 2007


Before I start this post, I want to state, firmly and for the record, that I am really happy to be back in NYC. It's been great spending quality time with my friends and watching football with my brother. And I had an audition or callback every day last week, so, in that arena, I stick by my previous statement that I feel 2007 is going to be a great year.


I have no money.

I money.

My bank account is hovering around $19 - and I owe $18 of that to my roommate for a bill.

My checking account has $410 in it, which is great...except that I'm trying to save that for my rent next month. And I'm $250 short. (TofC owes me $290, but...let's just say that I'm not holding my breath.)

I have bits and pieces of work lined up for the next three weeks - being a reader for auditions here, playing a patient for med students there - but the problem is, I probably won't see that money until sometime next month.

So, right now, you're probably saying, "Rover, how could you be so irresponsible to come back to NY without any money saved OR any plan for making money? That was dumb."

Well...actually, I did have a money plan. It's called unemployment. That's how I got through my down times last year. Previously, however, I was getting my money from Sleepy Hamlet's state. By contrast, the state of New York, for some reason, is majorly dragging their feet on my claim. So, instead of getting a little cash each week to help me out, I'm sitting in limbo, with no date for resolution on the horizon.

And the big issue? Credit card bills are due next week, starting on Monday.


Seriously, if you can think of any solutions - ways I can pick up some quick cash (legally), how I could put off paying my bills without destroying my credit rating, etc. - I would be much obliged. The so-called "nuclear" option is to ask a friend of mine for a loan (who has already volunteered), but I would really really really like to avoid going down that road. Thanks in advance for your help...


Bright-Eyes said...

Did you steal my colors? Or is my puter trippin'

I think sometimes you can call phone companies and such and state a position. I know for con ed they will let you pay what you can some times.

Ideas for quick cash:
nude modeling
turning tricks on tha corner
webcam in the bathroom
sell your sperm
sell your blood
catering (shudder)
apt. cleaning. (hang flyers)
babysitting (might be harder for a dude)
singing doo-wop in the train
dancing on the corner
one-dollar-a-kiss stand
five dollars a backrub stand
ten dollars a you-know-what stand
(nudge nudge wink wink)

Wanna start an acting coaching bizniss with me? (serious about that one)

L. Britt said...

In terms of credit cards, call the companies now. Give them the lowdown and come up with an alternative payment plan. They just want their money...if you let them know what's up, they will work with you. If you're encountering an associate that's playing hardball, ask for a supervisor.

I would go on Craig's List and look in the gigs section. Usually they are just one-time things that pay cash.

I don't think the nude modeling thing is a bad idea. You said you've been on a gym kick...get something out of it!

Bright-Eyes said...

Two votes for nude modeling....

bellacara said...

know anything about espresso? you are so witty and sweet, you could probably work in a coffee shop (flexible and lots of exposure to people!)