Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Don't you hate it when you have one of those situations where you make plans with a person, and then you're not 100% sure if the person will be available? And you try to contact them, but they're not picking up the phone, or responding to text messages or e-mails. Then you have two choices:

1. Do I stay where I am, and risk the inevitable possibility that the person will be waiting for me at the scheduled time, and they'll be annoyed because "we made plans"?

2. Or do you go to the appointed meeting place, and risk finally talking to the person and having them say, "Sorry, I had a meeting/went to lunch with the boss/didn't think you would actually come"?

Such a conundrum!

I've chosen option #1, by the way.

Update: The inevitable possibility of option #1 came true, meaning that she's pissed. Great work, Rover. Perhaps I should put my clairvoyancy to work picking football games, or playing the stock market...

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