Wednesday, October 11, 2006


'member the other day, when I said that I hadn't relaxed yet?

I'm there now. Thanks for the concern. ;-)

Generally, when I do a show, I like to hit the ground running. I show up the evening before, go to the grocery store that night, unpack my food and clothes, and then go right to sleep so that I can be ready for rehearsal the next day.

The Theater of Cowtown, where I work, however, is not the most organized company in the world. They sent me an e-mail late last week telling us that there would be no rehearsal on Tuesday (or Thursday, for that matter), and that we'd just have a read-thru on Wednesday. Cool, I thought. I knew I would have a long day of flying on Monday, so I could just do all of my normal set-up stuff on Tuesday, and then get to work the next day.

Then my friend called. Let's call her Suri (same color hair as the Cruise baby - hey, give me a break...I just woke up). Suri works for the Theater of Cowtown (ToC for short) and was in the last show with me here. We did time together in Sleepy Hamlet.

"So, the theater doesn't have enough money right now," she informs me, "so we're not going to rehearse until Friday. They just need a few days to get their finances in order. Don't worry, we're still getting paid."

(Suri is the same friend who wanted me to go to LA with her, which she then pitched to me in the next breath like she had just written the Great American Movie.)

So there it was. I was staring three days in Cowtown, with nothing to do and virtually no one to talk to.

And, so far, it's been fantastic.

I'm a go go guy (not a dancer, ha ha). I have a habit of preaching the virtues of taking the odd day off, but I rarely do it. So it's nice to have a few days where I can be totally by myself, and do whatever I want to do. I went to the movies last night, I may go again today, I watched Friday Night Lights - and I agree with L.Britt's assessment of the show, it's fantastic - and got caught up on some prime-time TV.

Come Friday, I'll be chomping at the bit to go. And probably better prepared to do so.