Tuesday, October 17, 2006

my "weekend" plans

We have an unusual schedule this week, for various and sundry reasons, so instead of getting yesterday off, we're not working today. This is throwing my clock mildly out of whack, but what are you gonna do? (I have noticed, of late, that this is turning into my new favorite phrase.)

The big things on my agenda for my day off? Grocery shopping, checking out the gym that just opened a few minutes away from the Guest House, and watching Friday Night Lights. I thought about learning lines, but figured that if I don't touch the script today, I'll be fresher for t'm'row.

I'm really excited about the gym. They were building it last time I was here, so I went with a gym close to ToC. That was great for lunchtime workouts, but it was really hard to motivate myself to drive into the city to go to the gym if I didn't have rehearsal. And it became ever tougher when I started doing shows. Who wants to spend an hour in the car - round trip - and then, after showering and eating, do the exact same trip again? It just wasted time and gas. So, if this new gym can give me a competitive price, I'm in.

Sleepy Hamlet trip next weekend - details to come...

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