Monday, October 30, 2006

a new site to visit

Politically, I'm left of center. Clinton-esque, I suppose. Not quite a liberal, but definitely on the left.

However, my new favorite political blog is courtesy of TIME's Andrew Sullivan, an atypical conservative.

Maybe I just like the fact that someone is talking about their political beliefs in measured tones, instead of trying to drown out everybody else. I think that I could actually have a civilized conversation with Mr. Sullivan about where our country is headed. We might even be able to agree on some things, if we talked long enough.

If I had had more exposure to voices like his when I was studying politics, I may not have changed course...

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Cherry Indigo (Cindy) said...

LOVE Andrew Sullivan's site. Used to be a regular reader before I couldn't find the time anymore. Might need to make a quick visit...been too long.