Thursday, October 05, 2006


I hate packing. I'll do anything to avoid it. So I'm sitting here in Brooklyn, blogging and playing with my blog template (I switched to Beta, which is a total mixed bag) - anything to avoid going back to Queens to face my piles of paper and mounds of clothes that have to be sorted and packed up and taken away by UPS, or my father, or by me on Monday morning.

And I've now set up my schedule so that it will be as difficult as possible for me to get organized. I'm meeting a friend in the park at 2:30, and then I'm going to a class at 5:30, and then I'm seeing a friend play at 9, and meeting more friends for drinks at 10 (one of those friends is Bluto, meaning that it won't be an early night). And t'm'row I'm going to go visit my grandmother for the weekend. And then the Steelers play Sunday night.

So many things to do! So little motivation!

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L. Britt said...

I hear you about Beta. I'm not feeling how you have to basically redo your blog with labels and such to get it all on the same page.

You'll get it all done, I have complete confidence in you.