Monday, April 03, 2006

a nice "weekend" (because MY weekend is Monday)

I've been up since 4am - my "friend" came back into town this weekend (we'll call her G.I.S.S - see if you can figure that one out) and I had to take her to the airport so that she could catch her 6am flight. I made good use of my time, though - got caught up on most of my TV shows; made myself an omelette...well, I attempted to make one, that is; and watched a documentary that I've been meaning to catch for a while.

It was a very good weekend. Not only did Giss come into town, but a friend of mine from Sleepy Hamlet drove down for the day to catch my show. He probably ended up spending at least half of his waking hours in transit alone, so he went through a lot of effort to get here. I was quite moved, actually. Nice to have friends who are willing to go the extra mile for you.

Plans for the cross country trip are developing nicely. I'm leaning heavily towards doing it. Another vote in favor for it - apparently, that summer theater festival that I auditioned for a couple of weeks ago is in the middle of casting, so I'm assuming that they don't have a spot for me. That's totally fine with me; this way I get my vacation, I get to spend most of my summer in New York, and I won't feel like I'm missing my friends if I go drive around the country.

Off to shower and then catch the late morning showing of Inside Man. I'll report back later...


April said...

OH...glad your friend is in town.

You know I have no hope of figuring that out.

Fix me an omelet next time you're cookin', all right?

L. Britt said...

I'm thinking "Girl I..." that's as far as I've gotten. Am I close?

An A-List Celebrity said...

Girl I sort of...

Sleep with?