Monday, April 17, 2006


Writing from a Starbucks in West Hollywood. So far, so good (except that I had to run across the street to go to the bathroom, because this store doesn't have a public restroom - won't be writing from here t'm'row). I've got a bunch of errands to run today, the most important of which involves a trip to the Apple store. Let's just say that I think I need a new iPod. And you all know how important my iPod is to me.

I got here yesterday - it was raining when I left Cowtown. The ending of the show was surprisingly normal. No emotions, no grand send-offs - it just felt like a normal show. I'm glad it's over. I really needed a break - and now I'm getting it. The "business" side of me is kicking myself for not setting up a bunch of auditions and meetings while I'm here. But, realistically, what good does it do to go meet an agent and say, "I'm only here for four days. Hire me!"? It doesn't. So I'm just going to relax, enjoy the weather, hang out at the beach, and enjoy myself. There will be plently of time for hustling when I get back to NYC.

Off to the Beverly Center. More t'm'row.


tuckergurl said...

OK, I am totally confused about your schedule. I might know of someone who might need their cats watched for most of the summer. She is going on a shoot and a retreat. Email me and let me know when you will be in New York and I will check it out.

a.maria said...

hey did you ever talk to andy about NY?!?! whats up with that, whats going on there?!

are you going to be in cali june 4th? you should head down to san diego for the marathon! its going to be a big party! :)

hee hee.

Melissa said...

Random factoid: I built a store in the Bev Center. Ah, Polo. Weird.