Tuesday, December 09, 2008

getting on my nerves

I'm on vacation this month. Because I am on vacation, all I really want to do is sit around and do nothing - you know, catch up on TV, read some books and magazines, see some friends, and (most importantly) not spend too much money.

Unfortunately, the people putting together my new apartment building are taking their sweet time, so I'm forced to house-hop for the month. StefStar is trotting all over the globe in December, and is being kind enough to let me stay in my old room. I guess it is technically still my room, since my stuff is in boxes all over the place and my name is still on the lease, but I did a pretty complete mental divorce when I left for Bluff City in October. Still, it's a place to stay out of trouble, so that's where I spend my downtime.

I've had it up to here, however, with my current roommate.

I said, half-jokingly, to a friend the other day, "I have no problems with someone who wants to lay around the apartment all day - as long as that person is me." And that's pretty much the issue. He monopolizes the living room. He frequently turns on the TV (which is always tuned to ESPN) and walks away from it. He constantly talks to you when you are watching TV.

He's not as bad as this roommate, thank God.

I know that the real issue is that I need to live in my own place and have my own space, and I'm super frustrated that I've been waiting for six months to move into this place. I logically know this. And yet I'm still enraged when he watches SportsCenter and surfs the internet at the same time, and I'm secretly thrilled when I enter the apartment and he's not home.

Does this make me a bad person?

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