Saturday, December 20, 2008

in '09, i'm going to usher the following things into my life:

- committing to my relationship (and/or committing to moving on from it, if necessary)

- continuing my climb out of debt

- work hard, work proud, no matter where
(acting, auditioning, gym, love, temping, fun)

- remember your friends - keep the bonds strong

- keep your word

- be the best person you can be

- do what's best for you, no matter how hard

- you can always be compassionate, though

- these (last) 2 things do not have to be mutually exclusive

- honor

- help Barack! the work is not yet done...

- own your career - The Rover's best agent is The Rover

- a continuously flattening stomach

- no regrets

- great sex. not good. GREAT.

- love, be generous

- make your new apartment your home

- family

- God - love, trust, believe, do not be afraid

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