Wednesday, July 02, 2008

temp blues

Normally, I don't mind a little air conditioning, but the temp job has the temperature cranked way down. I nearly froze today. I was thrilled to see six o'clock.

The job is getting on my nerves. I was basically given no instructions, and people keep expecting me to do different tasks, like timesheets, or setting up meetings. Um, shouldn't somebody show me how to do this? And I'm in a corner cubicle, so people stream in and out all day, having birthday cakes and beers, and I'm not invited to any of it. It kind of sucks. I won't be sad to leave there after tomorrow.

Off to make an appearance at a part, and then see Hancock with my brother.


:: tk :: said...

And how was Hancock?
Nice, mindless entertainment worth seeing?
Wait for the DVD?

The Rover said...

It was fun - more comedy than action. The critics are off base on this one.