Monday, July 28, 2008

i have nice calves

I was walking down the street in BK, minding my own business, happy to go home. I passed a guy about halfway down a particularly leafy block; he was a bit thuggish, but he was doin his thang, minding his own, so no big deal. I get maybe fifteen, twenty feet past him when he calls out, "Hey man!"

I turn around. I'm not quite sure what he's going to ask me - maybe about one of the bags on my shoulder (I had just gotten a nice computer briefcase from The Flying Squirrel)? Maybe I dropped something?

Instead, he says, "How'd you get your calves to look like that?"

Now, if you've seen my calves, you understand this question. They're kind of other-worldly. They're huge. Not huge-like-fat, but huge-like-super-muscular. A genetic gift from my parents. If I do no exercise at all, they are still super-defined. And if I really were to work them out...well, let's just say that I don't do a whole lot of lower body work at the gym because I'm afraid I'll look like a freak.

I really didn't know what to say, so I sort of laughed and said they were genetic. He laughed, too, and then I resumed walking.

It's good to know I still got it. ;-)

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une petite chose said...

hm... now that i think about it... you DO have nice calves. we should have a calf competition - i've been told mine are pretty nice too ;)