Wednesday, July 30, 2008

travel notes

written during my long trip from NYC to Sleepy Hamlet


- The landscape America fascinates me, especially as you travel West. I listened to podcasts for ninety minutes and just looked out the window.

- Lots of sleeping.


- Saw a hot chick in a green blouse in the waiting area - she was making eyes at me. I really want her to be my seatmate. Even though I think that would be a bad idea.

- Got a middle-aged guy instead. He's not smelly or overweight, though, so I'll take it. Haven't seen Green Shirt Girl on the plane. Probably a good thing.

- Why can't people respect my partial claim on the armrest? I always leave a piece of it for someone else. But don't come in here and ram your arm on the whole thing. A, that's selfish, and B, I'm stubborn, so I won't move, so now we're going to have that weird arm-hair-touching sensation for the next twenty minutes.

- The kid in front of me keeps throwing her chair back, and she's dropped like six ice cubes on my bare foot. Boooooo.

- Her little sister is named "Maxine", though.


- My window won't stay up. Boooooo.

- Taking three flights is just excessive. That was NOT a good idea.

- This plane is so loud that my noise-reducing headphones aren't helping all that much. and everything on my tray is moving from the vibration of the propellers.

- Traveling is making me grouchy.

- It is nice to have a seat to myself.

I successfully avoided plane bathrooms all day! Yippee!

Nice to be back in Sleepy Hamlet. More later.

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