Monday, July 07, 2008

busy bee!

Lots going on. I had a really busy weekend, so I wasn't able to get posts up. I'll throw them on here later this evening. As for my world:

- Spent almost the whole weekend with Maxine, which went really well. Very exciting. We're supposed to be going to Montreal this weekend...

- ...except this job I applied for keeps dicking me around. I should know about it in the next day or two; it's supposed to start on Thursday, which would mean no Canada trip for me. As bad as I need the money, I would almost rather go on my vacation. I've been looking forward to the trip for two months...

- I have another audition scheduled via video tape. It's for a role I've played before, but landing the gig would mean that I would work from the beginning of August to the middle of April. That would be amazing for my bank account.

- Back to the temp job tomorrow; I'm not reading anything else on the internet tonight, in case I need material to read tomorrow.

Time for dinner.

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