Monday, June 30, 2008

blast from the past

I had conversations with two of my exes tonight: Lil' Bit and Snapple. So different, and yet so alike.

Lil' Bit is moving to New York. I am slightly terrified. It's really hard to explain - I guess I don't believe a lot of what she says. She has grown up a bit, and I think that she'll probably do well in the city, but having her living on my street (which she'll be doing, albeit twenty minutes away) is really freaky.

While Lil' Bit is able to joke about our past relationship, Snapple is still really hurt. She mentioned a couple of times in her recent messages to me that she had a flight credit that was going to expire - this credit, of course, dates back to last fall, when I told her not to visit me. I still feel horrible about that, and once again offered to reimburse her for the ticket - it's the right thing to do, even if it is horribly expensive.

I still care about both of them a lot, but nights like tonight make me wonder why I have this need to be friends with my exes.

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une petite chose said...

'I am slightly terrified.'

I love it. Does Maxine know that she's moving here?

Does Lil Bit know about Maxine?

Come to think of it, does Snapple?

Your life is like a CW drama. Only possibly with better dialogue.