Friday, June 06, 2008

getting organized

I'm finally tackling a project that has been months in the making: I'm organizing my room. It's made a little bit difficult because I don't have enough storage for my clothes, and I have a rickety crappy little desk with no place to store things.

I also have a laundry list of things to replace or buy, including:

a new desk chair (to replace the death trap I'm sitting on)
curtains (I don't have any)
dresser (the one I have is made out of something like cardboard)
big bookcase (because my roommate is using mine)
shoe racks
bed frame

This is all kind of difficult to purchase when you're unemployed. I was hoping to use some of my surplus money for this stuff, but I'm having to spend that to survive. (Ain't the life of an actor grand?) Despite all of these money woes, I'm really happy to be (finally) sorting stuff out and finding a home for it. It just feels good, you know?

Good weekend to all; back to sorting and shredding and filing for me...

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