Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I need new headshots.

I've been hearing about this for some time, but an experience yesterday crystalized it for me. I finished an audition that, I thought, went horribly. Still, I left the room and prepared to do my normal "hang around" routine, just in case they needed anything else. To my amazement, the casting director came out of the room and headed straight for me.

"ROVER. You have GOT to get new HEADSHOTS. I mean, the ones you have are just AWFUL. They're HORRIBLE. And you're a handsome guy!"

So...guess I'm getting new headshots. Which is a process that I hate. And I don't have any money to pay for them.

But it's better than hearing that again.


Melissa said...

You can say no if you want, but the photog who's doing our wedding is my BFF's bro. He's good. If you want, I can ask him to do some headshots for you. I'm sure I could get it gratis. Just sayin'. He's coming up from VA to do the wedding. We're 7 weeks out, but if you can wait it might be a good idea - it would save you loads of cash you could spend on women.

une petite chose said...

i have a friend who is an amateur photographer... trying to build his portfolio. he might be willing to do it for free as well! let me know :)