Monday, March 03, 2008

apathy, thy name is Knicks fans

Went to see the Knicks play tonight.


To be fair, the team actually played fairly well tonight. They were down 90-88 with just a couple of minutes to go.

They lost 100-88.

Two big observations.

1. Isiah is terrible. He yanked Nate Robinson - who had been playing well all night - with just under two minutes to go. The Hornets then went on a 10-0 run. Game over.

2. The crowd is just pathetic. It's directly related to #1 - Isiah's bad management, coupled with the ineptitude during the Layden years, has really turned the fans off. But it's no wonder the team doesn't have any kind of spark - no one is rooting for them!

Oh yeah, can I add a third comment?

3. Chris Paul is an awesome player. He's also a great person - he spoke to a bunch of us after the game for ten minutes or so, and I was really struck by how nice of a guy he is. Very savvy, and smart. And his game is sick.

I'm kind of getting back into the NBA, so you may have to put up with more hoops posts. Hope you don't mind...

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The Bird Man said...

That School in North Carolina, I think it's called Wake Forest, it produces some exceptionally good and exceptionally nice basketball players.