Sunday, March 02, 2008

buyers' remorse

I always suffer from it, no matter what it is I buy.

Today it was one of those rolling shopping/laundry carts. I always have too much laundry to carry to the nice laundromat, which is about six blocks away, so it's essential for me to buy one of these. I picked one up at Target about a month ago, but in my moving-crazed hurry, I failed to notice that it was waaaaay too small. (That one wasn't buyers' remorse - it was just me being stupid.)

Today I picked up a cart that was the size I wanted. But my brain already started nit-picking as I walked home: should have gotten it in black, should have gotten one with rubber wheels instead of plastic, paid way too much for it, it's not a quality product, etc.

I do this every time I make a major purchase.

I feel better about it now (except for the wheels; rubber is WAY better), probably because I now have clean laundry and full cupboards, which I didn't have a few hours ago.

All right, TV, dinner, a little rehearsal for my audition tomorrow, then bed. Catch ya tomorrow - maybe I'll be brave enough to write from the temp job...

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