Sunday, August 03, 2008

back post update

OK, people. You all know that I'm doing Blog 365, which means that I create some type of post every day. The post can be a picture, or I can scribble something down on a notepad or whatever. And so far, I'm 216 for 216. Quite frankly, I find that amazing.

While I have been extremely good about posting (yes, I'm knocking on wood right now), I have not been so good about putting my posts up in a timely manner. I get busy, I travel, I meet hot girls, etc. And I always feel bad when I put effort into a post but it's too far down the line for people to really see what I've done.

That's why, after a particular egregious period of piling up posts, I'm linking my musings here. Some of them are stories; some are pictures; some are the dreaded text-message posts. All of them mean something to me.

One more thing, because I don't think I've said this recently: thanks so much for reading. I love writing, and while I struggle to progress to more traditional forms of it, I always know that I can throw something up out here and a few people will check it out.

OK, the posts.

Fourth of July pics are up
Sun July 20
an extra post from Mon July 21
Fri July 25 - the BBQ invite
Sun July 27 - a pic from said BBQ - I would have put up more but fuzzing out people's faces is such a pain...
Tues July 29 - the big reveal of where the heck i am right now
Wed July 30 - my travel musings

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une petite chose said...

i can't wait to see you in [not sure if this city has a nickname but it should]!!!