Sunday, August 31, 2008

fantasy football rulez!!!!

Just had my second of four fantasy football drafts - the first one I was able to do live - and I'm totally excited. I feel good about my team - stuck to my draft board, didn't really reach for anyone, and got a lot of exciting young players. I think that DH is the only one that might care about this, but I ended up with:

QB D Garrard; M Schaub
RB R Grant; B Jacobs; J Stewart; M Forte
WR R Moss; B Marshall; L Evans; J Porter; S Rice
TE T Scheffler
K J Scobee
DEF Patriots

This is my big money league; I've won it twice, but taking the crown this year would mean a very nice Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed for me this year!

(Yes, folks, I am a closet nerd.)

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DH said...

Hey man...I'm actually sitting out of FF this year, so I will follow with great interest how well you do.

I've always liked Garrard @ QB...though I'm not sure what to think of Schaub yet.

RBs should be ok...depending on what happens in Green Bay. Now that Favre is gone, I see them a lot like the Chiefs...a questionable QB situation where defenses can load up against the run and severely slow down Mr. Grant.

WRs...Randy Moss...'nuff said. You'll be fine there.

TE...Scheffler's solid...only one TE though? What will you do for a bye?

K...Same as TE.

D...Pats should be good...but what do you do for the bye week?