Monday, August 18, 2008

what the hell?

via text message, in response to a message a day or two earlier

ME: Glad that you're enjoying the best city ever!

LIL' BIT: Hell yeah. Ps my mom is totally going to (the show)...she does consulting for (a company)...

ME: Well, I'll be there...along with (my friends)...

LIL' BIT: Well if you see her say hi...she will probably lose it if the cool kids recognize her. :-D

ME: I will!

LIL' BIT: Thanks! Ps are you back with Maxine?

ME: Yes. Officially, two months. Unofficially, five.

LIL' BIT: Okay. Cool. Just want to avoid the rumor mill.

ME: What rumor mill?

LIL' BIT: It is just always best to go directly to the source. I'm sure you had a reason for not telling me.

ME: I know that i mentioned this before.

She didn't write back.

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