Thursday, August 28, 2008

post DNC critique

Ginger and I exchanged text messages after hearing Obama speak at Mile High - she has important friends

ME: Did you see [our friend] on TV?

GINGER: Yep! Cool, huh? I got my aunt a ticket at the last minute. She now owes me for life!!

ME: Nice work. Did you go?

GINGER: No. It meant more to [my aunt]. But I watched. Great speech.

ME: Yes. Even pat buchanan was gushing.


ME: Yeah. Shocking.

GINGER: It definitely showed that we would have a strong president with him.

ME: Exactly. Very presidential. And nice job going after mccain.

GINGER: I would have been able to get you a ticket, but it would have been last minute.

ME: I would have loved to be there, but I was just too exhausted to be on the road any longer.

GINGER: He made McCain look like a doddering nice old fool. S'okay. Maybe we can get u into the inauguration! :)

ME: That would be the best! [Our friend] should start pushing for a job...

GINGER: He doesn't want it. [His friend] will likely get it though.

ME: Meaning that he will move up. Why does he not want it?

GINGER: I think he lies. I think he'd take it in a heartbeat.

ME: I would. I'd run through a brick wall for that man.

GINGER: Maybe he should join Team [Rover].

ME: We are always looking for good people...

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