Monday, June 18, 2007

stupid internet

I was really annoyed earlier, because I wanted to post something, but the internet connection in my apartment isn't so hot.

It makes no sense. They're housing the actors in this giant apartment complex, and they've got three or four different networks here just for us, and ALL of them kinda suck. I had to come up here to one of the rooms with the little AirPort station so that I could get a reliable connection (because I was trying to send out my info for a couple of jobs).

And, of course, now that I'm on, I have no idea what I wanted to write about.

I will say, since I have your attention, that if you are a movie person, I've seen three good ones lately. KNOCKED UP is hilarious, OCEAN'S THIRTEEN was very classy, and BREACH is fascinating. You're welcome.

OK, I'm going to enjoy my day off - because I'm not going to have much free time for the next month or so.

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