Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i am a slacker


Is anyone out there?

Sorry I haven't thrown anything up here in a while - the transition to Rockport has been very very busy. I had a 50 hour week last week, which sucks, and when I wasn't in the theater, I was drinking. A lot.

(But I'm sober right now, thanks for asking.)

Things out here are excellent. I've gotten used to the shock of being out here without my old friends. There are a handful of the people from the old regime that are still around, so that helps. The head honcho worked with me at one of my previous stops, and he and his wife are going to have me over for dinner/drinks soon, so I'm looking forward to that.

I'm hoping to have some fun stories to tell you over the course of the summer. There are a couple of potential comedy gold mines here. I can tell you that the other night, at the big icebreaker party, I had a girl tell me that she wished she was attracted to black men, because I was hot.

(For the record, she is at least 1/2 Mexican. And, yes, I am hot. Can't you tell by my picture?)

I've got a bunch of days off in a row, so hopefully you'll get more news from me. Anything in particular you want me to post about?

(There will be a post about the ladies of a while...)

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a.maria said...


and you are hot, rove. you're super hot. you hottie hot thing you! ;)