Tuesday, June 12, 2007

quelle coincidence

So I decided to call Maxine tonight. She's going to Europe for two weeks, and I figured that I probably should talk to her before she leaves.

It starts out as kind of a strange conversation, full of stops and starts. I was a little nervous, because I figured that I should probably tell her that I'm dating this new girl. (Still working on a name for her.)

(It's a really long story, but I usually wait to tell her if I'm messing around with someone because I don't want to hurt her feelings, and then when I eventually tell her, she's peeved because I didn't tell her sooner. So we made a pact that we'd tell each other what was up when we knew what was going on. Back to the story.)

So she mentions going to some show, and being really annoyed (in classic Maxine fashion) because they said the show would be 2:05 and it ended up being 2:30, and she had someplace to be. And I say, in classic Rover fashion, "What, did you have a hot date?"

Her response?

"No." Pause. "Maybe."

Turns out that shortly after I met this new girl, she met a guy who lives two blocks away from her.

It's really funny. We both are excited about our new situations, but trying not to get ahead of ourselves. She's sensitive towards my feelings, and vice versa. Truth be told, I'm really excited for her. It's been a long time since she's met someone that she's really been into. I may feel weird about it when I go back to BK, but for right now I can be behind this 100%.

Anyway, I thought that was a little strange, and worth sharing.

PS. Melissa, if you don't believe me, you can see evidence on my MySpace page...


Mermaid Girl said...

You have a MySpace page?

une petite chose said...

we need an email conference!

Melissa said...

I'm totally checking you out, dude.

a.maria said...

oh how i adore the drama...

now, how do i get some of that? my life is sadly without it lately.